July 26, 2017 Menyusu mengandung dan keibubapaan by adrinis

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Finally, i’m back to my original start over how i know others and make friends. My BLOG. Pheww.. hehehe Determination to start writing my own opinion, my story using blog all over again rushing my nerve. Boleh lagi ke? hahahahha. A lots of thing happen, and i feel like to renew,re brand, redo all my post from way back in 2008. =)

We can call it as a new me. 😉 <3 Since facebook, instagram taking the lead to express feeling, blogging dah lama ku tinggalkan. Kekadang rindu juga, tu yang kali ini, tetapkan hati untuk at least write up something. How ever, all my old post will be posted back in this new ME. Selected and rewrite to get a new feel. For my old blog, I will deactivate and just for me to read.

The views expressed by ME on this website do not necessarily related to everyone. Its just from my humble point of view and belong solely to the blog owner.  All content provided on this blog is for information purposes only based on the owner experiences and reading. Please get an advice from the right person for the specific issue.

Feel free to browse through all the post in Adrini’s Blog BUT do notify me if you want to share or use my post especially pictures at your blog.

Thank you for dropping by and Happy Reading!!

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