Nice to meet you.

Hi everyone. Nice meeting you all. Phewww. Let me introduce myself. I’m a wife to my precious husband, Adha and a mother of 4, to my sweet little gorgeous prince & princess, Amirah, Adyan, Afeef and Aisya. In blogger worlds, I’m used to known as UmmiKhayra. But now, i prefer you all call me nini. =)

As a working mother, I believe when we decide to breastfeed our children, it’s a tough decision. We need to be well prepare mentally and emotionally as well as know what is to be expect when we start working. I learn this the hard way because of I used to think that breastfeeding is easy peasy. Since this is just introduction, I’m going to share on my experience and my breastfeeding journey wayyy back from 2008 when I decide to breastfeed all my kids even while I’m working.


How was breastfeeding introduce into my life?

Actually, not one of my family members or my husband’s family members, choose to breastfeed their children when they are working. They more on giving formula milk and never think that breastfeeding while working is can be done. At first, I’m not really aware about breastfeeding. I only know about breastfeeding, since of one of my friend breastfeed her son and she encourage me too to breastfeeding my baby if I get pregnant. She’s the one telling me how hard it is when we breastfeed our children. How our nipple can crack and when our babies suck really hard. At first, I just listen to her and deep in my heart, I’m going to try and give the best for my daughter.

Thanks to her because introduce me into this world even she’s a SAHM. What surprising me, actually, my husband thinking about this breastfeeding thing since we got marriages. Only he didn’t mention it or tell me that he wants me to breastfeed all his children. I feel proud of him and yet shamed with myself because not aware about this or even think about this. Sangat ketinggalan la saya.

When I get pregnant, first few months, I only was searching on pregnancy topics. Not even thinks to find articles or information about breastfeeding. About what I’m going to do when I started working, what suppose I prepared, all those kind of stuff. On my mind, I only think breastfeed is the easiest things to do and can be done. Up until my cousin, kak alyn gave me one link about breastfeeding, 1 month before my due date, if I’m not mistaken then I search info regarding breastfeeding. She knows our ambitious to breastfeed our baby and she’s the one yang support me all this while. Thank you sis. Really appreciates your moral support.

From the link my cousin gave me, then I know I have to invest on pump and gadget to make our dreams come true. I also become a silent reader at and read the post that related to breastfeeding. It’s a lot and serious to tell that until im giving birth, I still cannot finish reading all the topics. Moreover, I don’t have a lot of time to surf in office hour. With a little knowledge, I face all the challenge as a working mother to breastfeed my daughter with 100% support from my husband.

So, my advice, for first time mother and have a ambitious to breastfeed your children, please, please and please gather all information regarding breastfeeding too. It looks easy from the outside, when you go inside, u will know. 🙂

Those yang nak join our support group in breastfeed, can whatsapp me thru this link. Later, i add uol in the group. Sorry, Nini kena tapis dulu tau siapa yang masuk group. hehehehe


My name is Sharini and I am an awesome Mom of 4 lovely children who love to rambling about own experience in breastfeeding, pregnancy and parenting journey. I love to cook, love to travel for food food and food. I love breasfeeding and because of this, i’ve created Adrini’s Brand that support mothers in their journey to be a mom.